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On 28/01/2010, at 10:19 PM, Stilgherrian wrote:

> I'm starting to see perhaps three levels of "generalness" in computing devices:
> 1. A single-purpose or few-purpose device which (apart from firmware updates) is essentially a black box. Configurable, but not extensible. Examples: broadband router, PVR, Kindle, digital radio.
> 2. A platform deice which can be extended through downloadable or DVD-borne applications, but which is modular at a fairly high level. Examples: Playstation, xBox, iPhone, iPad.
> 3. What we would traditionally call a computer, which we can configure all the way down to the turtles.
> I was using "general purpose computer" to mean type 2 when compared with type 1, but clearly the iPad is not type 3.

Given the OS of the iPad, it's a locked ecosystem that does not invite complete configuration. I'm sure jailbreakers would say that since it's running )S 3.2, there is great potential for hacking, but by the time v4.0 arrives in June, jailbreaking could well be a thing of the past. It's not in Apple's interests to offer a device that is completely configurable.

My prediction: the iPod touch will eventually disappear in favour of the iPhone, whilst the current MacBook series will eventually take on the form-factor of the iPad, leaving the MacBook Pro line (and MacBook Air) to be the true clamshell devices.

As for which OS will appear in the plain MacBook that looks like a large iPad, I'd say that if the iPhone OS is sufficiently developed and accepted in the iPad, that the MacBook will switch to being an iPhone OS device, leaving the Pro line to the full Mac OS experience.

If app developers and build feature-rich apps, I wouldn't be surprised if Mac OS X dies in all portable devices that Apple makes.

Watch this space. It will be very interesting.


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