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Erik de Castro Lopo mle+lug at mega-nerd.com
Fri Jan 29 09:01:44 AEDT 2010

Fred Pilcher wrote:

> I'm no lover or Apple and their corporate philosophy ("we pwn you"), 
> though I can't but admit that what they do, they do well. Evil, but 
> well. The only Apple device I own (or that owns me) is an iPod which I 
> got as a door prize at a conference and for which I have to run Windows 
> and iTunes (was there ever a greater abomination?)

My daughter's iPod works fine for me with Linux. All I had to do was
convert the thing from the standard HFS file system to Vfat by following
some instructions I found on the net.

That got around the need for windows and i never had any interest whatsoever
in iTunes.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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