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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Fri Jan 29 09:34:29 AEDT 2010

Fred Pilcher wrote:
> I'm no lover or Apple and their corporate philosophy ("we pwn you"), 
> though I can't but admit that what they do, they do well. Evil, but 
> well. The only Apple device I own (or that owns me) is an iPod which I 
> got as a door prize at a conference and for which I have to run Windows 
> and iTunes (was there ever a greater abomination?)

Not sure about all these religious
references, but I guess there is a bit
of fanatacism and evil empirish about
Apple, Microsoft and once in a time not
so long ago, IBM.

Some might like to think the force is
with Linux the Penguin - but my move to
linux and open source was quite rational
- I couldn't cope with the virus ridden
world of MSWindows and the constant

> Ivan Trundle wrote:
> <snip>
>> My prediction: the iPod touch will eventually disappear in favour of the iPhone, whilst the current MacBook series will eventually take on the form-factor of the iPad, leaving the MacBook Pro line (and MacBook Air) to be the true clamshell devices.
> <snip>

My money is on Rachel's views of WiFi
and the iPad.

Casting myself as a gadget ludite who
loves her Kogan Linx Netbook

and Motorolla Oyster Phone

the iPAD seems to be a reasonably sized
IPOD and I think we will see the demise
of GSM in favour of WiFi - ie the iPhone
in favour of the iPod.

With regard to the mobile phone
companies and
Androids/IPhones/Smartphones - there
should be no charge for the downloads to
update handsets on network.

These people have predicted LTE and
WiMAX, Android and Open Source are in:

PS for anyone else who did not
comprehend "pwn"
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