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Peter Bowditch peter at ratbags.com
Fri Jan 29 10:03:11 AEDT 2010

Fred sed:

> I'm no lover or Apple and their corporate philosophy ("we pwn you"),
> though I can't but admit that what they do, they do well. Evil, but
> well. The only Apple device I own (or that owns me) is an iPod which I
> got as a door prize at a conference and for which I have to run
> Windows and iTunes (was there ever a greater abomination?)

Yes, there is.

I also have just one Apple thing, an iPod. The combination of Windows 
iTunes and the iPod is pure bliss when compared with the combination of 
Windows Media Player and my HTC phone with Windows Mobile. Apparently it 
it's possible to synchronise music between the PC and the phone, just as 
it is with the iPod. Unfortunately I have only had a few decades 
experience with computers so it is all too hard for me to figure out. I 
could ask that kid down the street who knows how to set the clock on the 
PVR but he would probably leave his iPod Nano earbuds in, shrug and say 
"Meh, whatever".

Then there's this thing called Windows Mobile Marketplace. Perhaps it 
should have "ME" after the name.

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