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Birch, Jim Jim.Birch at dhhs.tas.gov.au
Fri Jan 29 11:32:37 AEDT 2010

Ivan Trundle wrote:

> Apple doesn't enter markets with this philosophy: they build features
incrementally, and only if they believe that it can work in the whole >
Apple eco-system.

Right. Apple aren't trying to replace any of their existing products.
They want current owners of an iMac/iBook and an iPhone to buy one of
these TOO.  It's an Internet/reader/games device you can carry around
easily, around the house probably.  Someone will take it rock climbing
and connect a wild amount of stuff to it, everyone else won't.  This
isn't a Stilgerrian type 3 box.

A camera will appear for sure, but likely for video applications rather
than pointing the iPad at things and clicking.  It's the wrong shape,
sorry form factor.  Multitasking will arrive too I guess, but it would
stress the first run OS, and encourages people to install always-on
applications that suck the battery.  As always, incremental feature
lists create upgraders.



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