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Stephen Wilson swilson at lockstep.com.au
Fri Jan 29 13:38:36 AEDT 2010

Ivan Trundle wrote:
> On 29/01/2010, at 12:44 PM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>> I probably should know but don't - what was
>> revolutionary about the Apple II?
> Most say it 'ignited' the personal computer revolution in 1977 ... The first mass-marketed personal computer, with a plastic case and with colour graphics ... The Apple I was a year earlier, but was not exactly ground-breaking (and didn't have colour).
More fundamentally, I think the Apple II marked the first time that regular people were told that they should have a computer of their own.  It literally productised an arcane technology that was hitherto limited to research labs, banks, hobbyists and "Lost in Space".  

In so many ways the Apple II was a solution looking for a problem (that 
dreaded  criticism reserved for flops but set aside when a disruptive 
inovation succeeds).  Nobody knew they needed gaming at home (Pong, 
Adventure).  Nobody knew they needed spreadsheets *anywhere* (Visicalc I 
think is one of the great unsung pieces of revolutionary software, and 
created business demand for personal computers).


Steve Wilson

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