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Ivan Trundle ivan at itrundle.com
Fri Jan 29 14:00:44 AEDT 2010

On 29/01/2010, at 1:40 PM, Stilgherrian wrote:

> On 29/01/2010, at 1:37 PM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>> Doesn't sound like a very smart phone - perhaps its a lame operating system rather than a lame processor.
> What would you suggest the OS do when the user has turned on lots of applications that do stuff which in turn consumes power?

Stil's Nokia example is helpful in one way - there are only so many things I want to do with my phone at once, and if I'm using it as a GPS, then I'll want the screen to tell me where to go. If I'm talking to some-one at the same time, well and good. If I want to check a website or read an e-mail, I switch to that app and carry on. All the device needs to do is to be able to respond quickly enough when I switch, but I don't need all these apps to be running processes in the background draining the battery.

Apple recognise this, which is why multi-tasking isn't such a big deal (and their iPhone/iPad OS does multi-task, but not as rampantly as nerds would prefer).


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