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On 29/01/2010, at 1:43 PM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> ASUS thinks there may be a market...
> <http://event.asus.com/eeepc/microsites/eeebox/en/features.html>

The Asus Eee Box is an interesting development.

I'm seeing a fragmentation and re-factoring of product categories as things become networked, both within the home through Wi-Fi and with the world through, well, the Internet.

The questions seem to be:

* What sits at the centre of family entertainment? It used to the the "entertainment centre" with as stack of 19" boxes labelled "amplifier", "DVD", "CD". "PVR", "VCR", "tuner", "turntable", all with a Big Screen at the top. Now it's what? A Playstation 3 with PlayTV tuner? A fanless computer running Windows Media Centre? An Apple TV? A Foxtel iQ?

* What sits on your desk as you work? And what IS your work?

* What do you carry with you when you're going mobile? And is this because of work? Or for pleasure?

* What do you have in your pocket? A smartphone? An MP3 player?

But, the product categories are changing...


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