[LINK] Conroy re-commits to filter, slams Lundy amendments

David Boxall david.boxall at hunterlink.net.au
Thu Jul 1 16:34:28 AEST 2010

On 30/06/2010 1:10 PM, Craig Sanders wrote:
> ...
> http://filter-conroy.org/
> essentially, they're encouraging Victorians to vote below the line for
> the Senate *exactly* as they would otherwise, with the sole exception of
> putting Conroy last.
> ...
Conroy's not the issue. The filter is party policy. I'd hoped that the 
change of leader would give me reason to not put Labor last at the next 
election. So far, I'm disappointed. I doubt there's time for the new 
leader to put right _all_ of Rudd's blunders and, evidently, the filter 
isn't a high priority.

> [1] you didn't think the filter was about child porn did you?
Does anybody believe that spin?
> no, it's
> about monitoring the internet so that copyright infringements can be
> detected and blocked. the fact that it won't work against any but the
> most casual and unsophisticated methods doesn't matter much, it'll have
> a chilling effect all the same (at least until the technological arms
> race makes it irrelevant). it'll be very useful when ACTA is forced
> on the world by the US copyright lobby. their game is a huge delaying
> tactic, anyway - they know that they're as obsolete as blacksmiths and
> that their business model is unsustainable in anything outside of tiny
> niche markets...they just want to survive long enough to latch on to the
> next gravy train.
> it's also supported by Law'N'Order types, religious nutcases, and those
> who want even more police-state (and secret-police) powers than they've
> got since 2001. but primarily it serves the interests of the copyright
> industry.
> ...
I reckon there's also a strong element of atavism: authoritarian 
politicians yearning for the control over information that was enjoyed 
in the 1950s.

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