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On 2/07/2010 9:47 AM, Tom Worthington wrote:

> The way electricity and cooling are supplied in a data centre
> has a significant effect on the ability of the customer to
> measure and reduce the energy use and so measure
> and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by
> their equipment in the data centre. Therefore I
> suggest mandatory requirements are needed
> for these in government tenders for data centres.


I suggest you actually read the draft RFT, specifically the section on 
Data Hall Monitoring, before jumping into criticism mode.

7.41    The Tenderer must describe how they are able to report on and 
invoice the power consumed (see Pricing Model).  The Tenderer must 
describe information that the Tenderer can provide to allow the invoiced 
power costs to be allocated between multiple tenants.  The power 
consumption will need to be included in the account management reporting 

7.42    The Tenderer should describe the following information:
a)    what range of cooling temperatures can be provided;
b)    can different zones be supplied with different cooling 
temperatures; and
c)    can the upgraded ASHRAE standards be applied, for example, higher 
cool-air supply temperatures up to 25oC?

7.43    The Tenderer should describe the granularity of data hall 
temperature management, for example: room, zone or rack.

7.44    The Tenderer should provide details of its ability to monitor, 
measure and report to Agencies (Metering System) the power consumed in 
data centre facilities in kilowatt hours per square metre per annum 
(kWh/m2/annum) including:
a)    power consumed at the rack or unit level;
b)    power supplied to the racks and systems at the rack or unit level;
c)    lighting in the data centre facilities; and
d)    HVAC power consumed in the data centre facilities, both in total 
and the proportion allocated to the Agency.

7.45    The Tenderer should describe any mechanisms available to monitor 
and report on the quality of power:
a)    across A and B power distribution paths;
b)    across three power phases; and
c)    control available throughout the power distribution path.

7.46    The Tenderer should specify:
a)    who can manage it; and
b)    whether remote monitoring or management is available.

7.47    The Tenderer should describe the remote access, if any, that 
Agencies may have to the Metering System.


In addition, AGIMO has the problem of writing requirements that last for 
10-15 years so they would be unwise to be too prescriptive in certain 



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