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Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
> On 3/07/2010 10:29 AM, Tom Worthington wrote:
>> ... draft RFT ... says: "... we are going to buy the cheapest ...".
> That's not how I read it, but I suggest you include that particular 
> comment at the AGIMO blog ...

I have been more diplomatic in my comments to the AGIMO Blog: 

Kayelle Wiltshire, Assistant Secretary of the Central Facilities Branch 
in AGIMO who is looking after the Australian Government Data Centre 
Strategy, replied to me that she is on the National Australian Built 
Environment Rating System (NABERS) working group for data centres. They 
are collecting data on Australian data centres with a view to having a 
rating for data centres, similar to one recently put in place for office 
buildings: <http://www.nabers.com.au/page.aspx?cid=648&site=2>.

Graeme Philipson, who has working on metrics for Australian data centre 
efficiency, discussed this at Data Centre GreenTech Melbourne 2010, 
earlier in the year, where we were both speaking. He has been looking at 
US, European, and most interestingly, Japanese metrics: 

Graeme was in Canberra last week talking to industry and government 
people about data centre metrics and dropped in for lunch at the ANU. 
The USA, Europe and Japan have agreed to work on a world standard for 
data centre metrics. So Australia will likely follow that, rather than 
develop a separate standard. There will be a meeting on this in South 
East Asia, later in the year.

We will be discussing metrics in Sydney at Data Centre GreenTech, 12 -13 
  August 2010: <http://www.dcgtasia.com/sydney/dcgt_sydney_overview.html>.

ps: I spent the weekend marking six assignments estimating ICT energy 
use at six organisations, including one major federal agency and one 
international agency. Common themes which came out were the excessive 
power use of IP telephones, a lack of information about corporate data 
centres and old inefficient cooling systems. The good news is that much 
consolidation of servers using virtualisation has already been done. But 
perhaps these are just the well run organisations, which think to send 
their staff on green IT courses. ;-)

For those in Canberra wanting to read up on the topic, my book  "Green 
Technology Strategies" is on display in the main reading room of the 
National Library of Australia. I am currently reviewing the material for 
Semester 2 at ANU (enrolments now open): 

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