[LINK] Overseas Ecommerce Expansion Due to the ALP's Internet censorship regime

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At 05:32 PM 8/07/2010, Tom Koltai wrote:
>An excellent tactic by the labour party, but not really cricket. But
>then most women don't watch cricket, so the emoters will win the

Actually, that's quite simplistic, sorry, Tom. As happened in the 
American election, ours will come down to a choice between two 
problematic parties with positions on a range of issues rather than 
just the leader. There will be emotional issues on the table in many 
areas (border protection/asylum seekers/invaders anyone? how about 
the deadly 'work choices'?). The public will throw a dart on the day 
and answer the age old question: WIIFM? Unfortunately, human rights 
and civil rights aren't part of the answer.

Does that mean we stop agitating? No. Just don't assume the 'right 
thing to do' is going to be the deciding factor either for the 
politicians who create the policies or the public who cast their 
vote. The majority of both 'classes' are much too self-centred. Now, 
if the tax base, mines, banks, or 'farmers' were threatened by the 
net censorship policy, both might listen to the arguments. E-commerce 
is much too jargonistic. Joe Public: "WTF?"

>I fail at paying my own rent on time, but I can stare aghast
>at someone who doesn't know
>there's a conflict between Israel and Palestine, or that there's still
>war going on in the world."/

Heck, Sunday was Independence Day in the US. If you want a sad view, 
watch the Jay Leno vox pop about American history. I have Australian 
friends who could answer all the questions! For example, Independence 
from whom was answered by one person as The Greeks!!



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