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Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Sat Jul 10 13:39:16 AEST 2010

Earlier this week I mentioned voting preferences, 

>From the
-net-filters-20100709-10381.html Comments section I discovered that some
persons with a similar view have created a web site: 

Filter Stephen Conroy

From:  http://filter-conroy.org/ballots.html

When the 2010 Federal Election is called and candidates for the senate
publish their group voting tickets, we will create and publish
corresponding voting guides for each of the parties on the ballot paper.
These guides will be exact copies of the official group voting tickets,
but with Stephen Conroy moved to last preference.

All you have to do is find the party who would have received your above
the line vote, print out the voting guide for that party, take it to the
voting booth and copy it onto your senate ballot paper.
You must be voting in Victoria to use these voting guides

The following is an example from the 2004 election (the last time
Stephen Conroy stood for election):

[image] Before  http://filter-conroy.org/img/CEC_2004_snap.jpg
[image] After - Above the line
[image] After - Blow the line

The images point at Stephen Conroy and suggest that he be given  a
preference of 65, in other words sufficient to oust him from office.

It would seem to me that this would be the most efficient method of
killing the filter for ever.
Presuming that persons that could then be considered for the position of
Communications Minister would probably include communications friendly
and knowledgeable possibly female Senators.

After fifteen years of Monopolistic and Pork Barrel induced artificial
censorship on Australian Telecommunications, I think Australia has had
enough ludditism at it's communications helm. (Although elements of the
NBN are excellent as is the dismantling of Telstra complete control at
the exchanges.)
It's time to get progressive with our telecommunications future. (N.B.:
Progressive in this instance also means leaving the copper in the

"Stephen Conroy = 65 Below the Line"

Should be made into a T-Shirt and distributed free to everyone in

Tom "Not a T-Shirt manufacturer unfortunately".

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