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On 2010/Jul/10, at 7:36 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:

> .. and the repercussions are?

Google after all fessed up.  What about all the other companies that  
did similar things?  Not a word about them.

> "In response to our investigation, Google has provided me with  
> written undertakings that it will:
> 	• Publish an apology to Australians in Google's official Australian  
> blog (www.google-au.blogspot.com) for its collection of unsecured  
> WiFi 'payload' data.
> 	• Undertake to conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) on any new  
> Street View data collection activities in Australia that include  
> personal information.
> 	• Provide a copy of these PIAs to my Office.
> 	• Regularly consult with the Australian Privacy Commissioner about  
> personal data collection activities arising from significant product  
> launches in Australia.
> "These steps will ensure Google's future products have privacy  
> protections built in rather than bolted on. Google's undertakings  
> will last for three years. These undertakings will be reviewed  
> following any reforms to the Privacy Act.
> "Under the current Privacy Act, I am unable to impose a sanction on  
> an organisation when I have initiated the investigation. My role is  
> to work with the organisation to ensure ongoing compliance and best  
> privacy practice.
> "This was an issue identified by the Australian Law Reform  
> Commission (ALRC) inquiry into Australian privacy laws. The ALRC  
> recommended that the enforcement regime be strengthened. My Office  
> supports these recommendations, and the Australian Government has  
> announced its intention to adopt them.
> "Other privacy authorities and law enforcement agencies may still be  
> investigating the collection of WiFi 'payload' data by Google. In  
> view of those ongoing investigations I do not propose to comment in  
> more detail.
> "I would like to thank my international counterparts in New Zealand,  
> Canada and Hong Kong, who worked with my Office in examining this  
> matter.
> "I also acknowledge the cooperation offered by Google throughout my  
> investigation.

According to the enquirer:


> a slap on the wrist

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