[LINK] Propose $1M ICT education program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with HTML5

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Sat Jul 17 13:16:58 AEST 2010

Having been to conferences this week on e-learning 
and climate change 
<http://blog.tomw.net.au/2010/07/global-climate-governance.html>, I 
thought it was time to do something about it.

If the next Australian Government would like to provide $1M, I could use 
it to teach how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 15% using 
ICT, to staff in the top 400 government and non-government organisations 
in Australia. This would be using the current proven and accredited 
e-learning courses offered by ANU, ACS and Open Universities Australia:

It could be done in one to three years. As the students undertake real
projects in their courses designed to be immediately implemented in the
workplace, results could be expected in the first year.

ps: I tacked "HTML5" on the end of the subject line, just to give 
linkers something to argue about. ;-)

There was considerable discussion of HTML5 at the Moodle Moot in 
Melbourne, earlier in the week. But as far as I know I was the only one 
who actually used HTML5 for their presentation (and perhaps the first to 
do that at a Moot). This caused me some anxious moments as my "Slidy" 
web slides did not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, when I tried 
it on the lectern computer, shortlky before getting up to speak: 

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