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Webb, KerryA wrote:
> ... I think by now that we all know that you teach Green IT.  ...

Okay, I will talk about something else: the "Future of the Internet in
Australia" at the Australian National University, 29 July 2010.

Registration is not required and the talk is free, but you can RSVP via
Facebook to help the organisers gauge numbers and join in the online
discussion: <http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137430102958588&index=1>.

		The Political Academy

Topic: Future of the Internet in Australia
Speaker: Tom Worthington FACS CP HLM, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, ANU
School of Computer Science
Time: Thursday 29 July 2010, 6:00pm
Location: College of Business and Economics (Building 26C), the
Australian National University, Canberra:

The Internet is increasingly a part of business, education,
entertainment and government. But what can we do about the negative
aspects of objectionable and criminal activities online? Everyone wants
free access to information, but worries about how this may adversely
effect another group: children and others at risk. Tom Worthington
argues that perfect Internet regulation is not politically or
technically feasible and that education is the answer.

Uniquely, Tom Worthington was selected to explain what the Internet was
to the Australian Senate. For this and other work he was elected a
fellow Australian Computer Society. Tom teaches green ICT and web ethics
at the ANU and was invited to China to advise on how to put the Beijing
Olympics on the web. Come along and discuss with Tom some of the social
ramifications of the Internet, censorship, self censorship, Google and

See also:

* "Filtering Porn on the Internet: Imperfect by Necessity", Tom
Worthington, ABC Radio National, 4 November 2003
* Postgraduate Professional Education with eBooks and Smart phones

Okay, I did slip a plug for the Green ICT course, but only a small one. ;-)

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