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Stephen Wilson swilson at lockstep.com.au
Wed Jul 28 14:55:52 AEST 2010

I don't agree with the campaign against "software patents".  
Fundamentally, programmed logic is equivalent to wired logic.  If you 
take a computer-plus-program that does something and put it in a black 
box with connextions to the outside world, it's not possible to tell 
from the outside whether the device internally is software driven or 
electronic (or clockwork for that matter). 

So just what is a "software" patent?  What's to stop an inventor taking 
their code and burning it into a gate array or custom chip?  And what 
problem are they actually trying to solve by way of a ban?


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Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au wrote:
> Subject: Open letter on abolishing software patents: Thanks for signing!
> Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 04:07:12 -0000
> From: Ben Sturmfels <ben at softwarefreedom.com.au>
> Dear Roger,
> Thanks for signing the letter on abolishing software patents in
> Australia.
> Could you do us one more favour? Explain to a colleague that you're
> concerned about software patents and encourage them to sign the
> letter. Every voice counts.
> http://apps.softwarefreedom.com.au/patents/

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