[LINK] Electronic witnessing [was: High Court case Re: Register online to Vote Should be legal]

Stephen Wilson swilson at lockstep.com.au
Fri Jul 30 14:19:25 AEST 2010

Kim Holburn wrote:
> If we do move to on-line registration what are your [Steve Wilson's] plans for  
> protecting the on-line voting registration process from 4chan and its ilk?
Actually I have no proposals for registering online for e-voting!  My 
interest in this thread was around Philip Argy's observations that the 
difficulty of arranging witnessing was what was actually preventing 
online registration with AEC under its current rules (and therefore 
GetUp's High Court action based on the Electronic Transactions Act is 
probably misdirected). 

Witnessing electronic signatures is an interest area of mine, so I 
started a new thread. 

I have no strong feelings about registering online to vote.  I do 
however have strong feelings (!) about private keys and PKI, so I will 
respond to that separately, seeing that Roger has fleshed out some of 
the issues already.


Steve Wilson

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