[LINK] High Court case Re: Register Online to Vote Should be Legal

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Fri Jul 30 23:56:12 AEST 2010

At 12:36 PM 30/07/2010, Steven Clark wrote:

>I'm also not a fan of the pervasive myth that we elect the Prime
>Minister - we already have more than enough mythunderstandings about how
>voting works and what parliamentarians do, without continuing to
>promulgate myths about what our votes actually do.

Today's issue of MX* had a long letter from someone that was whinging 
about having to vote for Gillard or Abbott and blaming the lack of a 
third option on Natash Stott-Despoja. What the? I doubt very much if 
this person lives in BOTH Julia's AND Tony's electorate. And if he 
did, he'd be committing fraud if he voted twice, wouldn't he? So 
consider the myth continued and reinforced to the commuting public of 
Victoria. Sad, really.

*(for non-Melburnians, that's our free commuter rag that you read on 
the train going home)

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