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Steven Clark steven.clark at internode.on.net
Sat Jul 31 14:46:06 AEST 2010

On 31/07/2010 2:00 PM, Philip Argy wrote:
>  My point was that what GetUp implemented could probably not satisfy
>  the "own handwriting" requirement of s.98(2)b) of the Commonwealth
>  Electoral Act despite the Electronic Transactions Act and despite the
>  innovative idea of using a mouse to create what might literally be
>  describable as the witness' "own handwriting".


>  Not sure if it helps the debate or even clarifies my views but it's
>  important for people to appreciate the complex and differing roles
>  that a signature performs as well as the importance of the context in
>  which a signature is affixed.

And then Philip makes my point better than I did - thanks Philip :D


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