[LINK] The history and issues around broadband in the Gungahlin area

Martin Barry marty at supine.com
Sun May 2 18:32:45 AEST 2010

$quoted_author = "Bernard Robertson-Dunn" ;
> Although it says up to 8MByte/Sec, using www.speedtest.net I usually get 
> about 1Mbit/sec and occasionally up to 2.2Mbit/sec. Downloading podcasts 
> from the ABC I get about 20KByte/sec (about 160Kbit/sec). All a bit 
> pathetic really and streaming video is out of the question.

What does the device terminating the DSL report for sync speeds?

Any one of distance from the exchange, cross-talk and/or RIMs/mini-DSLAMs is
likely to be leading to lower sync speeds.

...and as Adrian said, try iiNet's mirror.


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