[LINK] Fwd: 687 ISPs invited to secret filter forum

James Collins nospam at ggcs.net.au
Mon May 3 23:18:42 AEST 2010

> > You can guess what that is of course :) And I told them. Don't know if
> > anyone actually wanted to hear it of course.
> Is that way "opt in" ?

By its very design, it is an optional system. But it's one that has real
benefits which you _want_ use.

It is designed, considering what is possible with the technology and
equipment that we have available, to be a first line of defence against the
threats present on the net today. It's impossible to protect against
everything out there, but we can at the very least make a sizeable impact on
the Botnets and Phishing scams that we know of, and there are a LOT of them!

It's from these quarters that Dentists in Brisbane get Child Porn uploaded
to their web sites. Those sites are where children would be likely to
accidentally come across this sort of thing.

When you're cleaning the gunk from anything, you always plug up the holes
the gunk is coming from, before you start mopping up the gunk.... Just

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