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At 11:05 +1000 5/5/10, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>The urban renewal starting with Darling harbour has
>transformed the area a far cry from when I moved to Sydney in
>1988 and lived in Harris St. I used to walk through Darling
>Harbour to the ABC's  "MIS" department in Liverpool St - past a
>hole in the ground which is now World Square.

Mmmm, in 1967, Darling Harbour was rusting railway sidings.

And just on the western side of Pyrmont Bridge, you needed to walk on 
the southern footpath.  If you were on the other side of the road, 
you were liable to be bowled over by some sailor being thrown out of 
the pub.  It was the sleaziest hotel in the whole of Sydney.

Media?  You mean newspapers?  The Herald was in Ultimo, and ACP was 
in Elizabeth St.  (The Australian hadn't been invented yet).

Oh yes, and the newfangled TV stations (2, 7 and 9. I don't think 10 
had emerged at the time, and Sex Between Soccer was many years away) 
were at Gore Hill, Naremburn and somewhere else over that side.

MIS?  Well, there was a computer at UNSW - an IBM 360/30, and I 
handed punched cards through a window and fetchedthe cards and 
printout on continuous A3 with sprocket-holes, 24 hours later.

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