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Stilgherrian stil at stilgherrian.com
Thu May 6 17:42:40 AEST 2010

On 06/05/2010, at 4:49 PM, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
> Oh, silly me. I thought the report was from a study of the 
> implementation of the NBN. It was the title and the words on the first 
> page that led me astray.

Well indeed. But the Rudd way of doing things seems to be...

1. Start the project
2. Commission a report on how the project should be done
3. Start putting together some legislation to authorise the work which has already been started
4. Receive the report
5. Wait six months, spend another $X million dollars
6. Release the report when the media is busy on a million other things

Step 7, getting the enabling legislation through Parliament, seems to be an optional extra.


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