[LINK] It would appear that Hacking is now going Corporate....

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Sat May 8 11:02:57 AEST 2010

Interesting envisional.com is apparently a member of an organisation  
I've never heard of before: the Anti-Counterfeiting Group.

One of the very odd activities of the A-CG is to create fake  
(counterfeit?) companies that sell fake goods.  http://www.snideuk.org  
is one of theirs.

On 2010/May/08, at 6:33 AM, Tom Koltai wrote:
> Some linkers would be aware that over the last month I have been
> blogging about a number of issues relating to misleading reports
> emanating from paid European and American Economists. The reports have
> been interesting reading to say the least.
> Yesterday morning I posted an article that suggested that MS Dos and
> Windows were the most pirated software in the world. However I also  
> did
> the numbers of actual global computer shipments minus total windows  
> and
> Dos licences and wound up about 2.4 billion short. So then I asked the
> question, how is it that the most pirated software in world has as  
> it's
> owner/author/publisher the largest corporation in the world and surely
> the act of piracy was what drove the pc industry in the early "getting
> up to speed days".
> Well someone didn't like my article. By Lunchtime yesterday I was  
> being
> seriously ping-flooded with latency exceeding 5 minutes to load a page
> of text.
> I then started looking through my log files, as you do when a-hunting
> ping flooders and I discovered some seriously interesting facts,
> resulting in me examine the PHP headers on my site and then taking the
> site down.
> I have a temp page up that tells the story at http://kovtr.com and an
> interesting story it is too..... Here is an excerpt summary.....
> -----------------
> At 1:12 am on the 7th of May, an employee of Envisional or a  
> contractor
> sanctioned by the owner of IP number [] that in-addr- 
> arpa
> resolves as dedi158-145.envisional.net did cause a script to be  
> executed
> on KOVTR.com that altered approximately 224 PHP files in the Wordpress
> area of KOVTR and caused them to be infected with a downloadable virus
> file.

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