[LINK] It would appear that Hacking is now going Corporate....

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> and any suggestion that you're just another paranoid nutcase 
> with delusions of relevance are easily dismissed as malicious 
> propaganda from the shady entities who are always trying to 
> discredit you and your world-changing blog postings.
> craig
> -- 
> craig sanders <cas at taz.net.au> 

Oh joy oh joy.... It appears that I now have two readers, Me and Craig
Thanks Craig, made my day and to think that you think they're world
Wow! I thought they were quite mundane, boring presented with lousy
grammar, poor spelling and no display panache.
But I will cherish your words of praise.....

As to the shady entities? They're not shady. Shady would suggest they
were working on the right side of the law.
Since when is malicious code insertion via email ever on the right side
of the law? So all I have to do now is prove to you that there is a
connection between (a) [shady] Company hired by
Microsoft/MPAA/Warners/Vivendi/ etc etc and (b) code execution from
malicious emails with pingbacks enabled.... (I kid you not boys and
girls........) Although they remove the last four weeks log entry's for
emails from the sql server in their post incursion clean-up, very tidy
little incursionists.... Unfortunately I have lost sql data before so I
have everything written [parallel] to a CSV file on a different server.

As to the actual evidence? Well, Craig as you are my only other reader,
you'll know as soon as the blog is back up and I finish making sure that
I closed all the doors. (Wordpress [more specifically Wordpress
pluggins] has/have an awful lot of hooks.)


Csak meg egy masik buszke Magyar paraszt

Which loosely translated means, Just another proud Hungarian Peasant.

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