[LINK] Secret global treaty may make your ISP spy on you

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> Global treaty may make your ISP spy on you
> 11:46 23 February 2010
> Paul Marks, technology correspondent
> Documents from talks on a secret global copyright deal have leaked  
> online, various sources are reporting. The documents discussed are  
> said to confirm that internet service providers could be compelled  
> to constantly sift through their customers' data looking for  
> copyright transgressions. The European Union's data protection chief  
> has said that such requirements could curtail individuals' civil  
> liberties.


> The leak, detailed by PC World magazine, covers ACTA's "enforcement  
> procedures in the digital environment". The draft being circulated  
> says that ISPs operating in nations that have signed up to ACTA  
> would be forced to operate "automatic technical processes" to detect  
> copyright-infringing activities.
> Translated, that means they must examine data transferred by their  
> customers for signs of copyrighted material, using the kind of deep  
> packet inspection technology more typical of security services.
> ISPs told New Scientist in December that such technology will not  
> only slow downloads, but puts in place technology that could be used  
> for snooping and censorship.
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