[LINK] National Broadband Network - except it's not national.

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> Senator Conroy is on record 
> as saying the copper gets ripped out when the fibre goes in.

In 2000, I listened to a speech by PACBell (cant remember the ladies
name) at a NANOG conference where she explained tha the experience of
PACBELL was that removing the copper was an expensive mistake and that
they were now replacing hundreds of kilometres of copper.

Surely Australia is not going to repeat this mistake?

The copper needs to stay until 4G is 100% ubiquitious. Even then, it
shouldn't necessarily be removed.

Other agencies, organisations and companies might like to use it for
cometitive service delivery.

Unless of course, a single consumer ingress/egress point is required for
more nefarious purposes.....

Rabbit proof filter anyone?

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