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> iiNet case to resume in August
> HOLLYWOOD'S landmark copyright battle against Perth internet  
> provider iiNet will resume in the Federal Court on August 2.
> The full bench of the Federal Court will over four days hear an  
> appeal against Justice Denis Cowdroy's ruling in favour of iiNet  
> last February.
> At the time Justice Cowdroy found that the ISP couldn't be held  
> liable for copyright breaches carried out by its customers.
> iiNet, which has lodged its own notice of contention against some  
> aspects of the ruling, has been defending the allegations since  
> November 2008.

> "We go into this latest legal round anticipating we will come out in  
> an even stronger position than when we won in February," iiNet chief  
> Michael Malone said.
> He expressed disappointment however that AFACT was continuing to  
> pursue the case.
> "Neither the original case nor this latest appeal will stop piracy  
> -- even if in the unlikely event they won the appeal," Mr Malone said.

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