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I don't know Norton AntiSpam but perhaps these are emails that Norton AntiSpam, at the time of them being received, isn't 100% sure about so has delivered them anyway but with the subject line tagged so you can decide for yourself? T known tag in the subject line would be so you could set up your own filter rule to direct such possibly-spam emails into a folder out of immediate view.

Certainly other anti-spam systems have a yes / no / maybe classification, and you decide whether to block the maybe category or deliver it.


On 17/05/2010, at 7:43 AM, Stephen Wilson wrote:
> Dear Linkers
> Anyone able to shed light on this?  I upgraded my Norton security suite 
> yesterday and in less than 24 hours since I have received six spams with 
> subject line prefix [Norton AntiSpam].  I've never received this subject 
> line till now, so it can't be mere coincidence. It's spear phishing: 
> exactly the sort of e-mail one might expect soon after upgrading. But 
> crude and readily spotted: the senders are mostly Viagra related!
> How do spammers know when people have upgraded their Norton software?  
> Do I have spyware in my PC that has spotted this event and alerted the 
> spammers?
> Cheers,
> Steve Wilson.
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