[LINK] Google's WiFi bungle

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Tue May 18 11:31:07 AEST 2010


In one of those quotes that people put in the auto-paste, one of 
Google's bits of self-serving rationalisation includes this:

> someone would need to be using the network as a car passed by; and our 
> in-car WiFi equipment automatically changes channels roughly five 
> times a second.
This is meant to imply that really, personal data collection was truly 

But - here's where I need a technologist to confirm my understanding - 
changing channels is one of those things WiFi does. Isn't "frequency 
hopping spread spectrum" in the definition?

So what I suspect is the "changing channels five times a second" is just 
blowing smoke to create a general fog to confuse the media. Or am I 
horribly mistaken?


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