[LINK] Google's WiFi bungle

James Collins nospam at ggcs.net.au
Tue May 18 11:56:56 AEST 2010

> Isn't "frequency 
> hopping spread spectrum" in the definition?

> So what I suspect is the "changing channels five times a second" is just 
> blowing smoke to create a general fog to confuse the media. Or am I 
> horribly mistaken?

Knowing the under-riding philosophy behind Google, I would surmise that this
is in fact just one of their "Statistics" gathering efforts. I mean, they've
got this car riding around gathering data on what makes up a street, why not
find out what's happening in the Wi-Fi on the street as well? Get
information on where there are Wi-Fi points, which ones are open, and
possible even encryption types and names of networks. Their data gathering
desire knows no end, so I doubt they would pass an opportunity like this

As far as privacy goes? Well, what's private these days? Every time someone
tries to improve privacy, the "Netizens" either ignore the technology or go
all "Whingy" about it. It's not effective enough, or it's too much trouble,
or "I just want to take the box home, plug it in, and have it work". If
Manufacturer (A) makes a box that requires setting a serious password
control on the network which requires the customer to do things with other
equipment in his household that he doesn't really want to do, and
Manufacturer (B) doesn't, which one do you think is going to be recommended?
Out of sight, out of mind, and Privacy and protection go straight out the
window. Wouldn't be the first time I've had someone phone me and say,
"There's been a white van parking for hours at a time outside my house for
the past week. Do you think they're using my Wi-Fi?" - And sure enough, I
whack a password on their network, and it vanishes... 

Basic levels of protection just don't exist out there. Google enterprise
makes active use of it. There's really nothing to stop them. If we were
really serious about Privacy and Protection, we would do something about

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