[LINK] Google's WiFi bungle

Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Wed May 19 11:37:47 AEST 2010

On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 08:15:32AM +1000, Stephen Wilson wrote:
> It's also a result of the gulf between the worlds of IT and           
> privacy.  IT practitioners might say they understand that privacy     
> and *security* are not the same thing, but then they turn around and  
> act as though privacy and secrecy *are* the same thing, because if    
> information is "public" they think privacy no longer applies.         

no, they (we) think that the bulk of the population are scarily
ignorant about privacy, and about just how much personal data they are
leaking as they go about their daily lives.  and far too willing
to give up personal information (and i'm not talking about teenagers on

this is NOT a problem that is going to go away by itself. it is not one
that can be solved by technology. or by legislation.

it is only going to be solved when people start to understand - AND care
about - their own privacy.


craig sanders <cas at taz.net.au>

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