[LINK] My Broken Internet

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Wed May 19 22:20:17 AEST 2010

Maybe *someone* can explain this constellation of events.  I can't.

My IAP and SMTP provider is TPG in Canberra.  I'm south-side.

My POP provider is Apex in Canberra, housed in TransACT's machine-room.

Apex runs both the MX for xamax.com.au and www.xamax.com.au.

Apex is also the POP provider for my wife's NAME at apex.net.au account.

1.  My wife's inbound NAME at apex.net.au has been dead for 36 hours.

2.  But my xamax.com.au email (= rclarke at apex.net.au) has been fine.

3.  From my machine, www.xamax.com.au has been dead for many hours.

4.  DNS searches from my machine can't find:
     -   apex.net.au
     -   xamax.com.au

5.  All functions for both apex and xamax are functioning fine from a
     government agency site on the other side of Canberra.

(My much larger rogerclarke.com web-site is elsewhere, at Infinite, 
and is going fine, thanks).

I detect several incongruities in the above information.

(And remember that I've taught a couple of generations of lightly 
technical eBusiness grad students what I think they have to know in 
order to be not completely snowed by their tech support staff, i.e. I 
ought to have the ability to think this through).

Whatever happened to:
'the Internet detects road-bumps and routes around them'

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