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Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Wed May 19 22:44:26 AEST 2010

Just a couple of small points here.

When I use the term "broadcasting" I am not using a legal definition  
but a simple technical one.


On 2010/May/19, at 8:01 PM, David Vaile wrote:
> Kim wrote:
>> It is still operating transmitters.  Low power but usually enough to
>> get through a couple of walls and therefore to get onto the street.
> Yes, transmitters and some leakage outside, although the average  
> user probably would prefer or hope this minor escape did not occur  
> (but can't afford to install a Faraday cage wire mesh box needed to  
> implement this).

Your mobile phones, radios and TVs would cease to function as well.

> The escape is an unintended side effect, both from the perspective  
> of the operator and of the regulator.

It's physics

>>> You of course can boost range and reception using various fun
>>> techniques, but these run the risk of falling outside the class
>>> licence precisely because they may affect/be receivable by many
>>> others -- such as by combinations of antenna gain and transmitter
>>> wattage that exceed the low Australian effective limits.
>> I think we are talking about normal wifi setups on the transmitter  
>> side.
> Yes, this was because some contributors had noted WiFi could have  
> longer range.

Yes, me but I was not referring to any change in the transmitters, the  
local household equipment.  What I meant was that with small changes  
in the receiver, normal household wifi can be received at great  
distances.  It may not necessarily be joined at distance but it can be  
received.  It is leaking far further than most people realise.

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