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> Today's Google logo is awesome!  And its playable!!
> -andyf

Yes but many don't like it.....

Comments from:

wjesso2003 at yahoo.ca - May 22, 2010 
Demond - NO google cannot simply do what they want. You have rights like
anyone else, or maybe your willing to go down the road of simply turning
a blind eye and just let anyone (media) do what they want? Come on - you
cant be a Canadian - because many here have fought and died (wars or
otherwise) to keep our rights, the same as many of your soldiers are
doing as we speak.

PAC MAN  wjesso2003 at yahoo.ca - May 22, 2010 
Not a good idea at all. Many thought when loading they had a virus, etc.
Then your techs had the nerve to state - oh dont worry, etc. Not
everyone is "tech Savy" and "should" treat this as a virus threat! This
was simply not well planned nor executed by your tech staff and
administrators. Many will re-evaluate Google as their homepage - not
smart on the part of management at all.

Demond Davis - May 21, 2010 
google can do what they want.. they run the internet pretty much.
besides pac man is the most well known game character besides mario.
respect your elders kids. pac mans older than most of u complainers

Nusrat Mubarka - May 21, 2010 
you are losers how can u not enjoy pacman

donna meyer - May 21, 2010 
How do you stop this stupid thing? Where is the out button?

pacman  pat yarborough - May 21, 2010 

Who needs this crap?  Anonymous - May 21, 2010 
Contrary to Thomas' letter this noise continues while I am in my email
program. Google should at least give us the option of turning the damn
thing off. watching something on You-tube is impossible with this on the

Pac Man  Wendy Ascher - May 21, 2010
How do I delete this nightmare?


Today, on PAC-MAN's 30th birthday, you can rediscover some of your 8-bit
memories-or meet PAC-MAN for the first time-through our first-ever
playable Google doodle. To play the game, go to google.com during the
next 48 hours (because it's too cool to keep for just one day) and
either press the "Insert Coin" button or just wait for a few seconds.

Google doodler Ryan Germick and I made sure to include PAC-MAN's
original game logic, graphics and sounds, bring back ghosts' individual
personalities, and even recreate original bugs from this 1980's
masterpiece. We also added a little easter egg: if you throw in another
coin, Ms. PAC-MAN joins the party and you can play together with someone
else (PAC-MAN is controlled with arrow keys or by clicking on the maze,
Ms. PAC-MAN using the WASD keys).

@ http://www.google.com/ig/directory?url=www.schulz.dk/pacman.xml you
can add "The Google Gadget" to your browser homepage...

Although it would seem that Firefox 3.6 on Gentoo & Ubuntu is imune.

However installs just fine on windows machines using IE V6... 

Is Goggles Pacman just another way to get folks to move across to

I must be getting old, I played until my little reserve Pacmen ran out
and then I shutdown ie.....

Simple really.

Other wonderful gadgets Google have made avaible for the older persons
in Link.... Is the Pong gadget......

With an updated paddle icon.

Now THAT's cool.

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