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Jan Whitaker wrote:
> <http://www.itwire.com/it-industry-news/strategy/38216-reinecke-to-audit-gershon-outcomes>Reinecke 
> to audit Gershon outcomes By Renai LeMay Monday, 12 April 2010 09:30 ...
> Ian Reinecke to conduct a review of progress on implementing recommendations from Sir Peter Gershon's wide-ranging 
> report on government technology use.  ...

Recommendation 7 of the Gershon report was on Sustainability of ICT: 

This recommended an ICT sustainability plan with mandatory 
sustainability standards for procurement, energy targets and reporting. 
  All this was to be subject to independent assessments and by the 
Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA).

DEWHA claims that a Whole-of-Government ICT Sustainability Plan has been 
drafted and comments are being sought from agencies: 

However, the plan was due for release last December and the latest 
update is from January 2010. When will the plan been released?

ps: ACS will be releasing an updated ICT carbon audit of Australia today 
and another class of my masters level Green Technology students are 
working on these issues: <http://www.tomw.net.au/green/>.

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