[LINK] Conroy going ahead

Brendan Scott brendansweb at optusnet.com.au
Mon May 31 12:40:15 AEST 2010

On 05/30/2010 01:39 PM, Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> Adrian - I completely agree.
> Not only is the "filter=Conroy=filter" a completely simplistic way to 
> view what's going on; it's bad tactics. It leads to the widespread 
> conviction that "if we can just get rid of Conroy the filter will go away".
> The personification suits Conroy. It turns the entire debate into a game 
> of "pin the tail on the Senator", and everybody who matters falls for it 
> - in particular, most of the press, GetUp, EFA, the IIA and so on. I 
> will make a couple of predictions:
> 1. Conroy will say something this week designed to troll his opponents.
> 2. The opponents will fall for it.

>From 31 March 2009:
Conroy uses iiNet case to sidestep net filter issue


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