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Mon May 31 16:07:09 AEST 2010

Rachel writes,

> Hmmm, I don't have an iPad yet, I just wanted to comment about it!

Perhaps of interest .. the following, re the iPad, this morning is from
an ed colleague, certainly someone who knows and enjoys reading & books:

"I took delivery of my iPad Friday morning, but had to wait till I got
home to get it going through iTunes. I had to make a personal purchase
because I was not allowed to buy one for our school. It is a real thing
of beauty.

Once I installed the iBooks app and had a look at the freebie they offer
it is clear to see that this is going to be a nice reading experience. 

There are plenty of Guttenburg titles available but we cannot purchase
new books from iTunes yet, it will happen one day. I also intalled the
Kindle app (which I also have on my iPhone) & transferered my purchases,
They look great and are very easy to read. I also downloaded the Borders
app and made a purchase there, same experience. While the iPad has a bit
of weight to it, it is no heavier than a good size hardback. Its great on
your lap or propped up on a cushion. You can tone down the screen so the
light is not bright which makes it fine. I'm not worried about not being
able to read in full sun, I simply don't, it gives me a headache anyway! 

I downloaded the free version of Alice in Wonderland and here you can see
the future of digital books a bit more. It is interactive, not every page
but many of them. Its fun to explore and see what is active and what is
not. It would be very interesting for kids. I wish I had a younger child
at home to warrant purchasing some of the new kids books. 

The made-for-ipad magazines are fantastic. I have a number of subs on
Zinio and it is an improved experience for these. The fact that the
screen does not need to be upright and can be used in a more natural
reading position makes it more like reading a magazine. I read it at the
table eating my breakfast just like I would read any magazine. More
interactive magazines are appearing that have moving pictiures, videos
and other types of interactivity which really do enhance the reading
experience. The interactive National Geographic mags are amazing, I have
looked through but not purchased the latest edition and there is a
fabulous volcano section that is just breath taking for a magazine page. 

Australian magazines are coming up with apps but so far are too expensive
I will wait and see. The Australian Newspaper is available but I haven't
taken it up so far. I used to subscribe to the digital edition years ago
but it was as unwieldy and the paper itself. I will try it out though,
its not too expensive, I imagine it will be improved too.

Web browsing is great and the number of apps are growing quickly so its
just going to get better and better. I might just add that I have
purchased 3 of the Kobo ereaders for school from Borders as a trial, only
one has arrived so far and has been problematic to set up at school, but
easy at home. Side by side there is just no comparison. The lack of
touchscreen is a real disadvantage and the buttons are not always as
responsive as I would like.

The absence of backlit screen means you need light to read which for some
things is great for reading in bed is not. It comes fully loaded with 100
free ebooks. I will be intereted to see how the kids take to them. As soon
as I get the school account registered I will load it with some new books
to try.

Enough gushing, sorry guys,


Bronwyn, Teacher-Librarian, (Qld) State High School"



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