[LINK] Senate committee probes AGD's data retention activities

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On 2010/Nov/01, at 7:26 PM, Rick Welykochy wrote:
> An HTTP URL (and many others) can contain private data, what one could
> call content, in the parameter section. And in certain cases that private
> data can even be part of the URL's pathname. This is because private data
> can be tacked on to the end of, say, a script name, and is call PATH_INFO
> by the Common Gateway Interface (CGI).

Private data can be in the URI before the "?".
Actual template from here:



certain protocols have different URI elements.

> fictitious examples:
> http://nowhere.com/content/script.cgi/user/private/data?r=abc&acct=123456789
> ......<---host---> <------path------> <--content--><------parameters------->
> Very fine hairs are being split unless everything in the URL after
> the host is considered sacrosanct and private content.
> And of course there is a data: scheme, in which the URL itself contains
> all the data within itself:
> ...
> In the above case everything after "base64," is private content. In the
> case of a mailto: URL, everything after the ? is private content:
> mailto:jsmith at example.co?subject=Test&body=PrivateStuff
> Over at <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URI_scheme> I counted about
> 70 official URI schemes and more unofficial such. Each has its
> own privacy and content vs data implications. For the legislator's
> consideration. Or the court's future headaches.
> cheers
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