[LINK] Naked ADSL and dumping the voiceline

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Tue Nov 2 09:32:13 AEDT 2010

On 2010/Nov/02, at 7:27 AM, Jan Whitaker wrote:

> At 06:59 AM 2/11/2010, Richard Chirgwin wrote:
>> No: PSTN calls still cost money. Only VoIP-to-VoIP is free (plus, of
>> course, what's in your bundle)
> Is anyone else using Skype paid services for this and done the cost 
> comparison (naked ADSL and Skype as your voice service vs an ISP VOIP 
> subscription)?

My ISP (internode) gives me untimed calls to anywhere in Australia but I use skype for overseas calls and video calls of course.  

> I've been using Skype for US calls at a flat monthly 
> rate (less than what is available now, fortunately) instead of the 
> per call approach. They have a worldwide program as well. I don't use 
> it for incoming PSTN calls, though, just out-going and skype to 
> skype. I do have Skype credit for SMS and a few Australia calls, but 
> the Aussie calls are per minute, as I found out once paying $6 for a 
> toll-free number! I was a dill on that one.

Have you tried google voice?  Isn't it free to the US?  I rarely ring the US so I haven't tried it.

> One benefit to this Skype US subscription was I could use from 
> anywhere during my travels, on my netbook on friends' networks or 
> public wifi. When in the US in Sept, I did a few video conferences 
> back to Australia on it, too, since it has built in webcam, mic and 
> speakers (didn't I Brenda). On a 4 hour layover at LAX, I bought some 
> time on an airport net connection and called friends on Skype on my 
> netbook to pass the time. Even rang a friend in Australia to sort out 
> my pick up upon arrival in Melbourne. And when in Australia, I can 
> ring the US with no consideration of cost to deal with business matters.
> Roger, you are so mobile, this may be something you'd find useful in 
> your mix of options.

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