[LINK] Naked ADSL and dumping the voiceline

David Lochrin dlochrin at d2.net.au
Tue Nov 2 12:46:51 AEDT 2010

On Monday 1 November 2010 20:24, Rick Welykochy wrote:
> Perhaps this has been discussed before. I'm considering dumping the
> voice line, keeping the land line and adding VoiP to the mix.
> A few questions arise.

I believe some VoIP providers support number portability and some don't.  However blocks of numbers are allocated by ACMA to any provider who wants some, and these currently follow the geographic numbering rules.  A list of allocated numbers can be searched, or a full list downloaded, at http://web.acma.gov.au/numb/openAccess/inquiry/viewAllocationSearch.do

I've been with Engin - http://www.engin.com.au/Default.aspx - since January 2006 and have had no problems.

They provide free, untimed calls to Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, UK, USA and 20-cent untimed calls to thirteen other countries, including China, for $19.95 p.m.  All landline national calls are free & untimed. 

However one needs an ADSL Internet connection, and they will supply a bundled ADSL+VoIP service but with no ISP services (you still need an ISP, but any plan with no access component or cheap dialup is fine).  The ADSL service may be naked DSL if it's available - test at http://www.engin.com.au/Broadband/VoipIgnition.aspx - but otherwise one needs to keep the existing copper service.


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