[LINK] Battery back-up mandatory for NBN?

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Tue Nov 2 17:28:52 AEDT 2010

On 2010/Nov/02, at 4:46 PM, Paul Brooks wrote:

> I respectfully submit the second statement is false. In previous days without the 
> cellular mobile phone system, and even affordable walkie-talkies, the telephone 
> service was the only game in town for communicating beyond shouting distance - and 
> therefore essential. These days there are several communications alternatives 
> completely independent of the fixed standard telephone service, including mobile 
> phones often on several different carriers and frequencies, so the level of 
> 'essentialness' of the conventional fixed service is lower, not higher, than before.

Not everyone in Australia even has the fixed line nor cell phone.

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