[LINK] Green Car Innovation Fund and hybrids-- (was Battery back-up mandatory for NBN?)

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> * The Green Car Innovation Fund has $500m for the the Australian
> automotive industry to develop and manufacture low-emission vehicles:
> <
> >
> It might be assumed that this fund is reserved for hybrid cars and
> similar, but $149m was provided to Holden for Australian production of
> the Korean Holden Cruze small car. The Cruze is a conventional four
> cylinder petrol powered car, with no "green" features, apart from being
> smaller than a Holden Commodore:
> <http://www.aph.gov.au/library/pubs/bn/eco/GreenCar.htm>.

And if you wanted a hybrid vehicle that used a hydrocarbon that Australia
has its own reserves of, then the Kia Cerato LPG hybrid is of interest:


Probably manufactured with some Australian inputs, and does not use liquid
hydrocarbons that Australia increasingly imports.

Phillip Musumeci

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