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Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Thu Nov 11 12:40:57 AEDT 2010

I was just reading the Medicare Online Services Conditions of Access and Use.  It's an interesting read.  On the plus sidfe it's almost plain english and fairly short and to the point.  Here are some extracts:

> I agree that the following Conditions of Access and Use (Terms and Conditions) apply to my access and use of all Online Services.
> I agree

>    8. That Medicare Australia can assume that any transaction using my Online Services account details is undertaken by me.

>    9. My access to Online Services depends on telecommunications and Internet service providers and other external factors and that Medicare Australia does not guarantee:
>          1. The availability of Online Services during the specified operating hours
>          2. That the Alert Service with Online Services Inbox and email will successfully notify me of new messages in all instances.
>   10. That I am responsible for any damage to my computer, systems or software caused by any virus, irrespective of the origin of the virus.
>   11. To accept these Terms and Conditions every time I access and/or use Online Services, including acceptance of any changes to the Terms and Conditions (in circumstances where it is reasonable to assume that I am aware of such changes).
>   12. I am responsible for accessing and reading notices and information provided by Medicare Australia on the Online Services Website and that Medicare Australia may assume I have accessed and read any such notices.
>   17. Medicare Australia may make changes to Online Services at any time and with or without notice to me.

>   19. Medicare Australia will not send me emails with embedded URLs and will not include links to Medicare Australia's website or to other websites in any email to me.
>   20. To the extent permitted by law, Medicare Australia is not liable to me for any claim, loss, liability or expense incurred by me in my access and use of Online Services.

You only get one choice, to opt in or out.  No negotiation.  You seem to have to agree to not only all these conditions but any that they change or add later whenever.  I don't understand the point or legality of number 10.  


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