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The annual eConference in Bled (Slovenia) is here:

I'm running a Stream on eDependency:

Many corporations and government agencies are now heavily dependent 
on IT, and have no fallback mechanism available in the event of 
unavailability for an extended period of the Internet, of the 
corporate network, or even of the electricity supply.  This has given 
rise to the notion of Critical Information Infrastructure.

Since IT became available to individuals, from the mid-1970s onwards, 
it has mostly been an optional extra, an aid, an adjunct, and a 
fashion accessory. There are a variety of circumstances, however, in 
which individuals are becoming at least as dependent on IT as some 
organisations are.

This Conference Theme addresses the general topic of dependence by 
individuals on some form or feature of information technology. 

Papers are sought that address any aspect of the general topic. 
Examples include:
-   life-support mechanisms and acute health care ...
-   near-subliminal human-computer interfaces ...
-   human-embedded chips ...
-   'software as a service' ...
-   'cloud computing' applications ...
-   car-drivers who have no local knowledge and no hard-copy maps ...
-   people who are incapable of planning ...
-   people who are dependant in a psychological or psychosocial sense ...
-   security risks for eDependants ...
-   terms of contract and service levels ...
-   consumer and privacy protections for eDependants  ...
-   civil rights for eDependants  ...

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