[LINK] More google maps weirdness - Spain and Morocco

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[what I find interesting is that the terms put in the search engine 
results in different 'facts']

Google Spain spokeswoman Marisa Toro said the search engine learnt in 
July that its mapping service erroneously assigned the islet to Morocco.

Google's geopolitical team at its headquarters in Mountain View, 
California, consulted international bodies including the United 
Nations, and recently decided to declare the islet a disputed 
territory that belongs to neither Spain nor Morocco, she said. 
Engineers have been working to make the correction, she said.

But since Monday, Google Maps has been attributing the islet to 
Spain, or to neither country, depending on the wording that is typed 
into the search engine.

Toro said she could not pinpoint the cause.

"It is our mistake and we are working to resolve it," she said.

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