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> >Carpathia, (Transylvania). Sorry folks, it's the weekend, I couldn't 
> >resist.
> 1,000 km, 14 hours by road, and mind the gypsies  (:-)}


King Vlad (1462) http://www.donlinke.com/drakula/vlad.htm alias Dragulia
alias Dracul was a Hungarian sponsored evil doer... but because Walachia
(located in Romania) was technically the scene of Vlads atrocities, it
is assumed by all movie producers that all vampires now live there.
That of course is a furphy.

The Trianon treaty required that all Hungarians move back to their
homeland after 1918. Vampires of course as good law abiding citizens
followed suit and moved to the western end of the Carpathians...

That the majority of vampires emanated from North eastern Hungary was
confirmed by Catholic Scholar, Don Augustin Calmet in his 1746 treatise:
Dissertations sur les apparitions des anges, des démons et des
esprits.(The Phantom World) (Available in English from

According to Google, the M7 route is 702 Km which is estimated at 6
hours 47 mins - however, the speed limit in Hungary is 130. Unless you
are happy to pay the on the spot cash fine ($AU11.00) in which case it's
up to 180 kph. Plus, the Hungarian police just laid of 2000 policeman
last year, so I think you should be able to do better than 6 hours. I
make the travelling time to the Carpathians, (slightly different route)
about 4 hours.



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