[LINK] Telecommunications legislation vital for ACT residents

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Tue Nov 23 16:56:11 AEDT 2010

> Senator for the ACT Kate Lundy has welcomed the second reading in the Senate of the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Competition and Consumer Safeguards) Bill 2010.
> The bill passed through the House of Representatives last week and needs to pass the Senate if consumers are to benefit from the reforms it delivers.
> “Communities in the ACT have been crying out for better broadband after 12 years and 18 failed broadband plans from the former Coalition government and they deserve better.”
> Senator Lundy has also called on her colleague Senator Gary Humphries to support this bill.
> “I urge Senator Humphries to put his money where his mouth is on the issue of broadband in the ACT and support this legislation.” 
> Australia currently has the 5th most expensive broadband charges amongst OECD countries.  This legislation will ensure a more competitive market, driving lower prices, better quality and innovative services of broadband in Australia
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