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At 09:24 AM 24/11/2010, Richard Chirgwin wrote:
>In other words, the blurring of the distinction in future will mean that
>"fixed" and "mobile" refers only to deployment decisions - is the base
>station communicating with devices that move around, or not?

Does the old terminology of point-to-point or point-to-multipoint 
describe it more clearly? Line of sight also comes to mind. Maybe we 
need a graphic to show the differences, along with a chart of the 
variables involved, plusses and minuses.

http://www.mobilein.com/mobile_basics.htm has text descriptions of 
the variants.
http://www.mobilein.com/ their homepage has links to lots of 
different papers on the various formats.

Here's a paper about the economics of various forms:
It includes a wireline, fixed wireless and mobile equivalence chart 
for different service types: voice, data, etc.
He also talks about the universal service challenges, and ends with a 
list of recommendations.

Here's a comparison service for various services in Australia. 
Doesn't say how current the data is.


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